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1. Open your Android Smartphone or tablet 2. Go to Google Play Store or Amazon Appstore and download OpenVPN Client for Android. 3. Connect the router to your computer via USB and open a port on your computer (usually 60080) for 14000 -byte UDP packets. For security reasons, it is a good idea to use a real IP address and not one of those fake ones that are shared among many devices. 4. When the OpenVPN Client has finished connecting, To have a best vpn and easy connecting by an App vpn, order a  vpn from one the vpn providers like – –

We all wish to be able to access blocked or restricted websites. You may have seen videos and images on social media showing people circumventing geo-blocks and getting around technical restrictions to view content outside of their home country. These videos and images are likely called virtual private network (VPN) content and often provided by companies intending to provide a secure connection between their customers and server locations where such content may be blocked by ISPs. However, many users may be unaware that there are tools that allow them to access blocked or restricted content regardless of their location — through various tools and settings in their browser.

Using a proxy or a VPN usually involves learning how to code and getting involved with the online community. This can be very rewarding when you have something interesting to share or when you are trying to hide your identity and location from ISPs who can reveal a lot about you based on where you live and what you do online. I’ve personally used both methods to obtain free content (textbooks and guides) while working on various projects and ultimately came to appreciate the importance of being able to read any text I wanted on any site without getting interrupted by invisible walls.

If you have ever wanted to be able to access blocked or restricted websites, then Tor is now available for you. This allows you to hide your true IP address while still being able to access blocked or restricted content. This means that even when your ISP sees your browsing activity, they won’t be able to identify you. Additionally, by using Tor, you can share browsing data with other people while still remaining anonymous. The best part about using Tor is that it isn’t tied down to one provider or device. You can use it on any device that has an Internet connection and an Android device or iOS computer.

Forget about geo-restrictions and redirection. Use these tools to avoid ISP blocks and improve your network security. You may be using Google as an example but this affects numerous websites. It is also used by criminals to mask their locations while browsing the Internet. It blocks censored and slow websites that provide social or political content. It can be replaced by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service but this has its drawbacks. It can interfere with websites that you visit regularly and block connections to blocked or censored websites as well as websites that you might want to access even if you don’t have a VPN service installed.
Allow me to introduce you to Tor. It is a tool that allows you to bypass internet blocks and restrictions. It’s mostly used by freedom fighters and LGBT activists around the world. But you don’t have to be a privacy activist or a political prisoner to benefit from Tor. Anyone with a paid subscription can access censored sites and streams without risking their identity or even their freedom. It’s free and accessible from any smartphone with internet connectivity. Learn more about it here:
Once you have decided on your VPN service, download the best app for it (I recommend ExpressVPN). For Android, this is Google VPN (not to be confused with its Android rival, VPN) Action doesn’t require root access and doesn’t require any special permission on your part. Once you’ve connected your device to the internet through one of these methods, OpenVPN will automatically start leaking your data (that it has received from your device’s IP address) through another tunnel, thus increasing its security level. You shouldn’t have any problems streaming videos or using other media apps while using this method, As long as your device is connected to the same network as your PC or Mac

We all hope to access blocked websites, watch films and TV programs that are hard to get or see, or even play games. Maybe you have seen videos on YouTube of people getting around national blocking systems and technical controls to view video content outside their home country. Well, probably they’re VPN content and offered by companies which sell a tool or service to secure users’ data connection on the Web. Still, many of us are not informed that there are several ways and settings that allow users
Getting around geo-blocks and technical restrictions has never been so easy. Not only do we offer reliable access to any website, anywhere in the world but we keep your IP address and identity safe by using the highest standard encryption protocol.

How VPNs work? VPNs are used in many situations to allow a user to access content that may be blocked or restricted by their Internet Service Provider (ISP) or government. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network used for authentication and traffic encryption as part of the Internet protocol suite. The technology creates an encrypted tunnel between two hosts and purports to provide secure connectivity for data communications over the Internet, like all long-distance network communication methods.
Sometimes you just want to watch that YouTube video that’s been blocked where you live. But you don’t want anyone else in the office to see it, because you think it might get you fired. A VPN account is a great way to access all of your favorite video, music, and streaming services from anywhere in the world without anybody knowing what you were up to. Here’s how.”
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