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Get a geolocation of your IP address. Place a computer or mobile device within range (nearby, but not touching) and access the internet using standard protocols. You can use software available for free or as a paid application to retrieve this data. You may want to obtain your IP address over a wired or wireless network if you have one available; USB connections are less reliable than wired connections. Geolocation information includes latitude, longitude (in degrees), city, and ZIP code.

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There are a number of useful tools available for geolocating your IP address. If your computer is on the road and being used to browse the web, you could try This will show you basic information about your area code plus the domain name (in lower case) of the visitor’s device. To find out more about how to use these tools head over to the ARIN website.
IP address is a unique identifier that identifies your computer or mobile device. It helps to maintain the security of your online activities and personal information by preventing spoofing, protecting against traffic analysis, helping with online search results, and enabling simple remote management over the Internet. The IP address is commonly used in the worldwide Internet system to translate domain names into numerical addresses readable by computers and mobile devices. The IP address is usually continuous and static; it does not change along with the physical location of a device.

Geolocation is a popular method for locating users based on their IP addresses. Most browsers allow users to geolocate themselves by entering a single IP address into the address bar when they visit a website. You can find out more about IP addresses by entering “”””an IP””. This will immediately display information about that IP from your Location service in Chrome and in other browsers that support the IP location API. The following pie chart shows a single record for each IP address in the world. This is updated hourly

Geolocation is the process of determining the geographic location of an individual’s computer using information from IP addresses. Essentially, it provides a network layer that allows users to geo-tag any image they upload or download by including geolocation coordinates in the URL. This allows users to location tag things in ways that are more easily searchable and therefore useful to other people. Most social networking services rely on geolocation for some part of their functionality, so be sure to check them out if you want to display location-based content on your blog or website without leaving IP tracking software active on your device!

Geolocation can be used to find out about a person or computer even when they are not using their main internet IP address. This is especially useful for finding public computers where there may be proxy or VPN services used to hide your true IP address. This blog will share ways to find public Wi-Fi networks without exposing your location publicly, as well as apps that can help find public Wi-Fi networks even when proxy services are used.

Do you want to know the location of your computer, smartphone or tablet? Geolocation is a powerful tool available in FreeGeoIP, an easy-to-use app developed by volunteers from around the world. Use it to find out where you are, even if your internet service provider has blocked or restricted access to geolocation data. Using geolocation data helps providers keep customers happy by showing them what areas are most popular with customers. It can also help improve your privacy by showing you where your data is going rather than revealing it to advertisers or governments


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IP geolocation is a technology that makes it possible to find your location through the Internet. By means of this service, the geographic location of your computer is known and can be used to find out where you are. It works like a GPS unit for the internet. Geolocation facilitates real-time communication between users on different computers or mobile devices. It allows them to immediately see each other’s position by using the internet protocol (IP) address.

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Geolocation allows you to pinpoint your location and view detailed information about it on web applications such as Facebook. By mapping IP addresses, it allows online users to easily find each other even if they don’t know each other’s real names or locations. Geolocation has helped many online communities grow larger and more engaged than ever before, expanding access to knowledge and creating new connections across cultures.

This tool helps you to find your Ip and location and work out where your internet connection is coming from. Is it you computer? Do you work from home? Is it a mobile device? Is it streaming video from YouTube? IP location tells you exactly where that internet connection is coming from. Some mobile apps for example, use this geolocation data to place the phone precisely on a precise position (even if your device has moved 1080 feet).
Geolocation is a tool to find your location based on its IP address.

It allows you to find out where you are geographically based on your IP address. The most popular applications for geolocation include Open Street Map and Bing Maps. You can download free Open Street Map satellite images or create your own custom street view with data collected by other users. With a geolocation service you can easily find your position in relation to various other points on the earth as well as obtain information about their location or other relevant information.

Geolocation is essential for anyone who uses the internet. Without it we can’t find our way around easily or use services efficiently. Despite the fact that we use hundreds of different applications and different networks, the most reliable way to navigate is still using your local network. Similarly to the way we find our homes through their street addresses, IP geolocation is a way for applications to locate you even if you aren’t using an internet connection. This helps to keep an eye on what’s going on in your city or suburb, helping to identify any potential dangers or danger zones before it’s too late.

Geolocation information can be used to help you locate your computer or mobile device even when it is in another room or a different country. This information is also helpful to locate other computers or mobile devices in the area as well as to identify their location via GPS reception, Bluetooth connections or Wi-Fi. If a person has turned on location services for their smartphone they can exclude most cell phones from their location limits, and this can help save an incredible amount of time when using a cell phone.

Geolocation is all about the location of your computer using information like your IP address. You can get geolocated using your IP address when you are online and as long as you are in the IP range of an advertiser or server you can be located and served content based on your interests. While there are many companies offering free geolocation services many also offer premium services that allow you to geolocate devices such as smart phones, tablets or laptops. With premium services you get more detailed location data such as latitude and longitude and even details about buildings and even parks as well as restaurants within a given area.